Projets GPIOgfx et S3Clock S3C64x0

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GPIOgfx est un outil créé avec Windev Mobile 14.
Il est basé sur les ajouts que j'ai programmé pour l'outil HaReT (voir sur cette page...)

New (20 Mar 2010) : S3Clock Mis à jour pour corriger le problème de barre des taches.

New (22 Dec 2009) : S3Clock est un outil créé avec Visual Studio 2008, qui permet de modifier la fréquence de l'appareil et de la conserver après une mise en veille.

Ce programme est conçu uniquement pour les appareils utilisant un processeur Samsung S3C64xx, et si possible en WVGA (480x800). A savoir donc, les smarphones Acer série 900 et Samsung Omnia II, ou encore la tablette SmartQ 5/7.

gpiogfx200.gif gpiogfx200v10d.gif gpiogfx200v11a.gif gpiogfx200v12a.gif

Il permet (à l'origine) d'identifier les entrées/sortie de l'appareil en vue d'un portage vers Linux.

History :

20 Mar 2010 : S3Clock v1.10
  Fixed Taskbar Problem
22 Dec 2009 : S3Clock v1.0 
  S3Clock is a clock tool made with Visual Studio 2008 (no framework needed)
  This tool can keep frequencies on wake up from sleep... please read the readme.txt file to know how to use it...
30 Nov 2009 - v1.2d
  Fixed Autoupdate, added net diagnostic tools
28 Nov 2009 - v1.2c
  Added Shortcut Tool to set speed in one click
  Added support for GA2 and LOUVRE platforms
26 Nov 2009 - v1.2a
  User can now set manually APLL and MPLL frequency (config tab)
25 Nov 2009 - v1.1e
  Added smdk6410, s3c6400, octans (Omnia 2) platform support
24 Nov 2009 - v1.1a
  Affichage de la fréquence du CPU S3C6410 (APLL ARM 11)
  Modification de la fréquence du CPU S3C6410 (ARM 11) de 266 a 672 Mhz
  Modification du look, retour au tout noir, type Acer, ca rend bien sur cet écran je trouve :)
24 Nov 2009 - v1.0e
  Légère amélioration des performances (1 fps)
  Live update
  Gestion de plusieurs fichiers INI
  Possibilité d'ignorer certains GPIO, ou "BANKS", ce qui rend le programme plus réactif (passage de 6 à 10fps) en cas de besoin.
  Interface pour ajouter la description d'un GPIO dans le mode actuel
  Affichage des différentes fonctions d'un port
  Affichage du GPIO sélectionné sur la grille
23 Nov 2009 - v1.0c
  Sélection d'un port afin d'afficher la description des GPIO
  Possibilité de modifier l'état on/off d'un port configuré en sortie

DOWNLOAD Framework here : (can be installed on SD Card)
Pour la version francaise : Framework WM v14.030

NEW : Tool to configure S3Clock : Daskalos Easy Set S3Clock

GPIOgfx.v1.2d.CAB (require framework)427.34 KB
S3Clock v1.10 (10 mar. 2010)27.25 KB


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thank you very much very

thank you very much very good. as suggesting something like the windows start
start automatically as you can see. but this very good
sometimes slow but it is much better greetings

hello a question shall not

hello a question shall not put the voltage values. and if
can oc the ram thanks.

thank you very much.

thank you very much. sometimes when I try it freezes and I have to restart only
you go up the value a bit. Could be an option when starting my omnia 2
follow the oc? thanks



what is mpll?

what is mpll?


APLL = ARM PLL (Cpu only)
MPLL = Main PLL (Whole CPU Chip, something like FSB on Desktops)

I do not understand where it

I do not understand where it goes or how it works S3Clock
someone could help me
please tanks

The S3clock can make a CAB

The S3clock can make a CAB file auto install to your syatem and auto update Registry Keys from Gpiogfx setting.

Even when the "Auto set CPU

Even when the "Auto set CPU speed on wake up" is checked, the cpu speed resets after wake up. I don't know if this is because I close the program? I would leave it open if it would fix the problem, but it changes my bottom soft keys if I do. Otherwise, great program. Makes the device much faster.

S3clock needs activated

S3clock needs activated ALLKMODE to run on Omnia II i8000 (S3clock don't need Fpuenabler - but activating ALLKMODE is the first step of Fpuenabler before it asks for restart!).
Isn't there a way to activate ALLKMODE with S3clock, so that you don't need Fpuenabler ?
(Fpuenabler don't speed up fpsece - but 'eats' a lot of batterypower!)

yes i need to fix the bottom

yes i need to fix the bottom toolbar...

Hello, Tanguy. Is or will it

Hello, Tanguy.

Is or will it be possible to adjust memory frequency?

Is or will it be possible to set 800 or higher frequencies on CPUs with default 667 MHz?

Also, is it possible to

Also, is it possible to change multipliers and dividers?

The maximum supported

The maximum supported frequency is different on almost every phone (even for the same model)

For the multipliers, yes maybe, but that's not really usefull, you can already set almost every frequencies, i tried on mine, 220 x 3 = 165 x 4 = 660 Mhz
that changes only the stepping between two available frequencies 3Mhz for x3 4Mhz for X4

For the memory frequency, that's more complicated, its related to MPLL frequency, but EPLL depends on this frequency two, and you can broke USB communication and everything that need timing...

So, MPLL is engaged in memory

So, MPLL is engaged in memory clock cfg, right? And we can choose any MPLL clock? How is core clock generated from AL and MPLL? Are there any dividers that can allow higher MPLL?

Found this doc, you may find it useful.

it's not working on meizu

it's not working on meizu m8(os wince 6.0, s3c6410)
can't identificate the platform(" this tool need a s3c64x0 processor, detected platform:____")

Re: meizu

Try to find the "_____" string in your device registry (platform key name if i remember) and replace the value by s3c6410

Do you have any plan to

Do you have any plan to release a new version of s3colck where the bottom toolbar does not show after hiding it? If yes, when will it be available? Thank you!

Yes, v1.10 ready....

Yes, ready.... Updated the v1.10 with fixed TaskBar and sample reg file

Thanks for the updated v1.10

Thanks for the updated v1.10 of s3clock. I tried it in my omnia II, however, I still see the bottom taskbar ("quit" - "hide") after pressing the "hide" key in the bottom. For your information, another "hide" key in the center does not seem to work in my omnia II, and even the "hide" key in the bottom needs to be pressed a couple of times before it works (but with the bottom taskbar remaining). I am not sure whether this is the case only with my omnia II... I hope this can be fixed. Thanks, Tanguy.

Hide problem...

Yes, its not really a full hiding of window.... but that works if another window exists.... before, the taskbar was "detached" from window on hide... now you have not the taskbar if you dont see the window, the tool is sent to back.... even if i use Hide functions SetWindowPos(...SWP_HIDE).... i will try to do better... next time...

Hy Tanguy, have you found a

Hy Tanguy,
have you found a way to start S3Clock without ALLKMODE - or to activate ALLKMODE with S3Clock?
FPUEnabler seem not to work on newest Omnia II - Rom (with WM 6.5.3) - so you can't activate ALLKMODE to get S3Clock working ;(


Do you have a link for this ALLKMODE ? never eard about that...

Sorry - I dont't have a link

Sorry - I dont't have a link to this ALLKMODE.
It isn't a program - but it seems to be a kind of a systempatch.
S3Clock don't start if FPUenabler hasn't patched system in ALLKMODE.
When you try to start S3Clock without it, nothing happens when tapping on the S3Clock.exe...
You have to start FPUEnabler, click on 'Patch!' - then FPUEnabler write 'Enabling ALLKMODE... - Complete'
and 'Please restart FPUEnabler!' - then you could close FPUEnabler (FPUEnabler don't have to run when starting/using S3Clock - you don't have to restart FPUEnabler!). Once your system is patched with this ALLKMODE you can use S3Clock till the next reboot...

GPIOgfx sur acer m900

tout d'abord bonjour et merci pour se super boulot de vrai pro!! :) j'aimerai just avoir une reponse a ma question voila l'orsque jutilise GPIOGFX sur mon acer m900 et que je passe mon processeur de 533mhz a 633 j'ai un sousi sur le lançement de l'apparaille photo serai tu pourquoi?? merci de ta reponse a trep bientot.


essaies en baissant un tout petit peu la frequence... l'appareil photo nécessite pas mal de ressources du cpu (streaming de la "video" capturée)

633Mhz est encore assez risqué sur le M900 je conseille 600


d'accord merci de ta réponse si rapide je vais essayer a 600mhz et voir si sa fonctionne sinon je decendrai petit a petit.
je te souhaite bonne chance pour la suite et a trep bientot. :)

Bonjour, petite question, y a

petite question, y a t'il une possibilité de garder les réglages en permanence? Car quand on rallume le portable il faut relancer le logiciel pour rerégler la fréquence.

Sorry, I know I'm

Sorry, I know I'm nerving...

If my search is correct:
FPU Enabler means with ALLKMODE enabled, that it has patched coredll...
and soon coredll is patched S3Clock can be started (when its not patched nothing happens on Omnia II when clicking on the s3clock.exe...).

Problem: FPU Enabler don't start on newer WM 6.5.3-Roms - so there is no chance to patch coredll and start S3Clock ;(

And overclocking Omnia II with S3Clock is the best solution to speedup fpsece...

Another tip to these ALLKMODE

Another tip to these ALLKMODE (patched by fpuenabler):

Quote from fpu-enabler-threat on modaco:
'...Disabling interrupts requires KMODE, and thus we patch everything to run this way...'

So it seems, that S3Clock also needs to disable interrupts...